R.I.P. Patrick Taylor

 managing manager of Monarch Assurance as well as generous sponsor of the  R.I.P. Patrick Taylor

Some rattling distressing news: Patrick Taylor, managing manager of Monarch Assurance as well as generous sponsor of the Monarch Assurance Isle of Mann International from 1991 to 2007, died on Fri 23 May 2008, aged 74 (he was born on viii Dec 1933).

Patrick Taylor was a rattling hands-on sponsor who, despite non existence a great thespian himself, loved the game as well as the people who played it, as well as liked to view his tournament every bit ofttimes every bit he could. At the opening ceremony of the tournament it was quite ofttimes his agency to greet all the leading grandmasters amongst a handshake as well as a few words, as well as I am quite certain he would convey extended that to all the players inward the tournament had fourth dimension permitted. He was rattling much a "people person". He was too a sponsor of the Manx Operatic Society as well as became their official Patron or as well as therefore years ago.

Everyone who always attended the Isle of Mann tournament, grandmasters, grade as well as file players as well as officials alike, volition recollect Patrick amongst deep affection as well as volition live on saddened to demand heed of his passing. I received the intelligence from the tournament's long-time director, Dennis Hemsley, as well as I know Dennis peculiarly feels the loss of the remarkable human who was as well as therefore instrumental as well as and therefore generous inward helping him to realise his dream of an international tournament inward the petty town of Port Erin. R.I.P.
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