Isle Of Human - On Or Off?

Yes, it has been a really long quiet hither at the BCM Blog, hasn't it? My terminal slice was on Bobby Fischer's expiry hence peradventure I've been inwards mourning for the late, neat globe champion. But if so, it wasn't a witting thing.

The argue I interruption the quiet is to utter nearly the Isle of Mann tournament. Is at that spot going to locomote a 2008 Isle of Mann tournament? As long-time tournament webmaster, it is a flake embarrassing to accept to respond that amongst the words "I don't know". At the terminal tournament nosotros had a coming together to utter over the 2008 resultant as well as diverse semi-official announcements were made via the website, talking inwards price of a 2008 Manx International, simply I haven't heard a matter since.

The prognosis is non good. Monarch Assurance's generous sponsorship ended amongst the 2007 resultant hence it was already known that novel sponsorship would need to locomote found. Since then, at that spot has come upward farther intelligence that the venue, the Ocean Castle Hotel, unopen for trouble concern on 31 Dec 2007 (and it is probable to locomote scheduled for demolition). At that point, hotel manager Jean-Pierre Depin - who is besides tournament manager - retired to Ramsey. I empathize that all other possible venues inwards Port Erin are booked for the requisite fourth dimension hence the tournament would accept to deed town every bit good every bit discovery novel money.

Various things look on the spider web nearly a 2008 tournament simply they await a flake sketchy as well as out of date. Does anyone out at that spot know what's happening? If you lot do, delight me know...
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