Great Dane Off The Leash

A pretty amazing functioning past times Aagaard thus far Great Dane Off The Leash
Great Scot! The Great Dane is yet off the leash...

Scores afterwards Week 1 of the British Championship:
Aagaard 5½/6, Flear, Gormally, Haslinger, Kosten, N.Pert, Rowson, Williams 4½...

A pretty amazing functioning past times Aagaard thus far. He must live buoyed upward past times getting his GM entitle at last. And this is of course of pedagogy his get-go appearance inward the British Championship. I intend a seat out of players convey won it at the get-go attempt. One such won it get-go fourth dimension as well as never entered again. H5N1 clue: he was editor of British Chess Magazine. The reply is non Golombek (who did win it but non at the get-go attempt) or Murray Chandler (who never won it), but RC Griffith, famous for existence 1 of the founding fathers of Modern Chess Openings. He won the British Championship inward 1912. Anyone answering "J Saunders" gets 10/10 for obsequiousness, but 0/10 for noesis of chess history (and should likely equally good larn their caput examined at the earliest opportunity).

However, Aagaard should live aware that, inward recent years, people who Pb afterwards 1 calendar week convey seldom gone on to selection upward the entitle trophy at the halt of the second. Let's expect at what has happened since 2000, giving the first-week leaders followed past times the eventual winner inward brackets:

2000 Hebden/Ward (eventual winner Hodgson)
2001 Seven players tied on 4½/6 (Gallagher was non 1 of them, but won)
2002 Ten players tied on 4½/6 (RB Ramesh was non 1 of them, but won)
2003 Z Rahman / Motwani (eventual winner H5N1 Kunte)
2004 Rowson (and he won)
2005 Ward (Rowson won)
2006 N.Pert / Hebden (Rowson won)

So Rowson is the exclusively business office instrumentalist this century to Pb calendar week 1 as well as win overall. However, I am withholding a pregnant statistic. Like Aagaard this year, Rowson inward 2004 had a marking of 5½/6, piece all the others mentioned equally get-go calendar week leaders had v (except for the major pile-ups of 2001 as well as 2002 when 4½ was the leading score). Going dorsum further, Hodgson inward 1999 equally good had 5½/6 as well as went on to win. So having 5½/6 could live the clincher. I haven't been able to expect dorsum farther (it's a flake of a draw of piece of job on a hot Lord's Day afternoon) - could anyone country me if anyone starting amongst 5½/6 has e'er failed to win? I create know that CHO'D Alexander scored 5½/6 inward 1956 as well as he exclusively simply won the entitle despite getting an most equally impressive 4/5 the minute week. Frank Parr ran him close, scoring 4½/6 the get-go calendar week as well as thus 4½/5 the second.
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