Electronic Chess Wars - Stewart Reuben Comments

The next comments from Stewart Reuben were sent to me past times electronic mail for posting here. His straight comments inwards italics:

"Mike Yeo expresses draw of piece of occupation organization most cheating amongst players leaving the tournament venue together with phoning a friend. Using a telephone inwards the playing venue (which includes the toilets together with refreshment area) is strictly forbidden, then that I mean value the Monroi device offers no novel problems there. After all, y'all could shipping a message to Fritz or a friend together with larn a respond inwards the electrical flow setup.

"Mike correctly says that the cumulative plus of thirty seconds is inadequate when using the devices. He is absolutely right together with I believe thirty seconds is inadequate anyway. When I wrote the FIDE Law that grade had to hold upwardly kept throughout when at that spot was an add together on of thirty seconds or more, I had no intention that it hold upwardly exclusively thirty seconds. Events I run accept an add together on of ane infinitesimal every bit inwards Gibraltar together with Hastings. David Welch together with I concord nosotros would non role Monroi amongst exactly thirty seconds. Indeed, ordinary scoring is also besides hard for roughly older people amongst exactly thirty seconds. They may accept to role ii sets of glasses.

"Only events run past times British together with Australian arbiters role an growth of ane minute. The footing is out of footstep amongst us. Stewart Reuben."

In a course of pedagogy email, Stewart says he thinks that they may non accept used DGT inwards Dresden but may hold upwardly edifice their ain arrangement for role at the 2008 Dresden Olympiad. I accept no data most this - tin anyone comment? Given the inconsistent output from the 2007 Euro Dresden website, it is hard to accept confidence inwards such relatively untested technology scientific discipline amongst exactly a yr to go. Stewart also makes the betoken that DGT boards accept non been used for Olympiads to date. Russian boards are used. I accept no data every bit to the brand.
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