Ecf: I Member, I Vote?

Peter Sowray, international manager of the English linguistic communication Chess Federation (ECF), has started a petition to alter the agency the federation is organised. Without farther ado, click on the next link:

The wording of the petition is "We, the undersigned, telephone band upon the English linguistic communication Chess Federation to adopt a to a greater extent than democratic approach. Specifically, nosotros believe that 'One Member, One Vote' should live on introduced for major decisions, including the election of board members as well as the setting of the Annual Budget."

At the 2d the ECF has a federal structure, composed of affiliated organisations which bring votes. This was likely quite a reasonable set-up inward its day, 100+ years ago, but it is increasingly evident that the ECF's wheels merely don't plough fast plenty for the chess globe equally it stands inward the 21st century. The measuring of alter is agonisingly slow, as well as over the years a set out of dynamic people who powerfulness bring been useful inward the scheme of chess bring been set off past times its in-built conservatism. Note, this is non a criticism of whatever of the people involved, merely the construction of the organisation.

Please read Peter's petition as well as the reasons behind it. I haven't the fourth dimension today to create a full-blown weblog on this but I abide by Peter's illustration admirably clear as well as sensible. I was havering most whether to sign myself, given that I am a 'foreigner' (a fellow member of the Welsh Chess Union). But I alive inward England as well as am conduct affected past times decisions made past times the federation inward my work, as well as thence felt constrained (after the gentlest arm-twisting from Peter!) to append my name. What create weblog readers think?
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