Dracula Sees The Sign Of The Cross

Long radio quiet hither at my blog. Apologies. After my busy fourth dimension inwards the Isle of Man, I went downwards amongst a bad cold, hence it was fourth dimension for the Nov BCM...

... excuses, excuses. You don't desire to involve heed that stuff, practise you? Well, here's an oldie only goldie. I intend this must last my favourite chess video clip of all time...

This is from a big 1996 rapidplay tournament. 22 seconds of pure joy for all of us (with 1 notable exception). Kasparov makes a capture but, every bit Vishy Anand's manus momentarily hovers over his reply, realisation dawns for Kasparov. Just hold off at those eyes - similar Christopher Lee's Dracula every bit he sees Peter Cushing's sign of the cross. Kasparov throws himself dorsum inwards his chair, mad eyes nonetheless swivelling inwards their sockets. As a victorious Vishy said at nowadays later on the game: "Did you lot come across his reaction? It was BEAUTIFUL!!".

Indeed it was. And they enjoin chess is non televisual. When Kasparov played chess, it was e'er worth watching. How nosotros immature lady him.
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