Candidates Matches (Part 3)

So, the rule matches are instantly over, together with nosotros create got 3 of the master copy 8 matches to endure decided inward tie-breaks on Sunday. The fourth dimension boundary instantly changes (from half dozen games at 40:2h, 20:1h together with thence 15m+30s increments:rest) to 4 games at 25m + 10s, followed if necessary yesteryear 2 games at 5m + 10s, together with in conclusion the dreaded armageddon game: 6m for White against 5m for Black, only a depict puts Black into the side yesteryear side round.

The 3 predictions I got correct were all big wins for the winners (Leko, Kamsky together with Grischuk), only I got Bareev-Polgar together with Rublevsky-Ponomariov wrong. Polgar together with Ponomariov were both disappointing inward Elista. Pono went out amongst a whimper non a bang. He switched to the Caro-Kann - a foreign selection for a must-win province of affairs - and, having got nowhere fast, agreed a depict inward alone eighteen moves. Judit Polgar at to the lowest degree had a crunching win inward circular 5 to hold back dorsum on only it was besides little, besides belatedly inward price of the jibe situation. Her seek to win amongst Black inward the terminal game had a fleck to a greater extent than punch nigh it only it never looked similar the form out of order inward which she excels (she is to a greater extent than of a 'thumper' than a 'grinder'). She made Bareev travail for a spell only the first gradually ebbed away from Polgar's position. It may endure that those of us looking frontward to the twenty-four hours when a adult woman wins the earth entitle may require to plough our attending to the futurity when Chinese tike Hou Yifan starts to climb the chess Olympus.

English sports fans create got had to set upward amongst 2 disappointments inward 2 days. Yesterday somebody called Diego (no, non that one - this guy used his head, non his hand) scored an equalizer inward fourth dimension added on to larn inward England 1, Brazil 1, inward the football game international at Wembley. Today, much the same happened inward the chess: Alexei Shirov won the terminal rule game of the jibe to accept his jibe amongst Mickey Adams to a tie-break. Unfortunately Adams returned the compliment to Shirov yesteryear making a blunder (17...Kf8?) which gave away a pawn. I'm truly quite glad I didn't lookout adult man the games inward real-time today until later on the fourth dimension command every bit it would create got been besides depressing watching the balance of the game. I was otherwise engaged, watching an one-time painting called Dunkirk on the TV - quite appropriate, really. I've since had around other hold back at the game together with I intend Adams could create got made sturdier resistance towards the end, based on 36...Be8 (but maybe my judgment has been coloured yesteryear patriotic fervour every bit a number of watching the movie). Generally my feeling is that this has been a really evenly contested jibe together with a 3-3 is belike a fair reflection. My prediction was that Adams would win if it went to a tie-breaker. I'll stick amongst that though the English linguistic communication GM must endure the to a greater extent than disappointed of the 2 instantly that it has reached this stage, peculiarly later on today's disaster.

An aside: the Adams debacle together with the anecdote nigh me watching an one-time painting reminds me of the following... later on watching 1 of Mickey's traumatic losses inward Tripoli inward 2004 (can't yell upward which one), I yell upward sitting downwards to lookout adult man the TV inward venture to accept my depressed hear off his earth knock-out near-miss. After flicking channels for a infinitesimal or two, I settled downwards to lookout adult man an 1980s Miss Marple TV painting (one of the ones amongst Joan Hickson inward the entitle role). It was Murder at the Vicarage. As I sat idly watching, it dawned on me that 1 of the actresses looked rather familiar. Radio Times told me it was Tara MacGowran: the same Tara MacGowran who is... Mickey Adams's girlfriend. Not a lot of people seem to know that Tara used to endure an actress, together with a really proficient together with successful 1 at that. I don't intend Tara played the murderess inward the Miss Marple movie, only this was non the alone painting she has made amongst the give-and-take 'murder' inward the title. Her terminal enshroud appearance was inward something called The Vanishing Man. If I were Shirov, I would become careful.

Back to the chess: Aronian-Carlsen also reached 3-3 only it was to a greater extent than entertaining. Twice Carlsen has recovered from a one-point deficit amongst a resounding victory. All 4 wins inward the jibe were amongst White, together with the writing looked to endure on the wall today when Aronian, amongst the white pieces, was a pawn upward together with on the attack. However, Carlsen played a bold, active defense forcefulness together with in conclusion baled out amongst a bully perpetual check. This has been maybe the most entertaining together with enterprising of the 8 matches thence far. Whoever loses inward the tie-breaks volition endure missed, only volition create got a fine long-term futurity ahead of them.

In contrast, Gelfand together with Kasimjanov volition endure dorsum tomorrow to run across if they tin give notice produce something other than depict chess games. To endure perfectly fair to them, around of their games create got been thoroughly entertaining too, only today's terminal rule game was non 1 of them - 17 moves of theory. End of term report: must seek harder.

Tomorrow's depict (first-named has White inward game 1):
Aronian vs Carlsen
Kasimjanov vs Gelfand
Shirov vs Adams

Meanwhile, the 5 victors - Leko, Kamsky, Grischuk, Rublevsky together with Bareev - become together with produce any it is that people produce inward Kalmykia on a Sunday. Answers on a postcard, please...
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