British Entitle - Piece Of Occupation 3

Round vi saw draws all circular for the leading grouping of vi on 4/5, which gave a involve chances for yet to a greater extent than players to choose grip of up. However, alone i actor managed to exploit the opportunity, namely Bogdan Lalic. The Croatian-registered grandmaster is the principal danger equally regards the supply of the trophy to English linguistic communication hands this twelvemonth (though he is non the alone i - Manx resident German linguistic communication IM Dietmar Kolbus, whom I mentioned inwards an before blog, is on four in addition to could yet win the championship for the Isle of Man).

So the end calendar week volition start amongst Stuart Conquest, Nigel Davies, Danny Gormally, Mark Hebden, Gawain Jones, Bogdan Lalic in addition to Lawrence Trent inwards the Pb on 4½, amongst a farther xi players on four who are nevertheless inwards amongst a decent involve chances of the title.

The most notable storey of the start calendar week has been the functioning of the tournament's youngest player, Felix Jose Ynojosa, who is 12 years 6 months old. Something tells me we're going to run into in addition to listen quite a lot of that shout out inwards the time to come thence we'd ameliorate found right pronunciation right at nowadays - it's Ee-no-HOS-a (sound the 'h' equally inwards the Scottish 'loch' - delight don't copy the dodgy pronunciation of the BBC reporter who interviewed Felix for BBC South-East). Felix has made quite a stir inwards junior chess circles since his arrival inwards the Britain in addition to he's at nowadays beingness coached past times GM Nick Pert (for a photograph of the 2 together, run into this page on Nick's website).

Felix came to the Britain from Venezuela amongst his line of piece of job solid unit of measurement (his older sis Angelica too plays chess) a few years agone in addition to nows lives inwards Berkshire. He is registered equally an English linguistic communication player. This page on the Berkshire Junior website gives a adept run-down on his latest achievements, piece veteran talent-spotter Leonard Barden identified him equally i to spotter inwards his May 31 column inwards the Guardian, along amongst the 2 talented London-based 13-year-olds, Yang-Fan Zhou (also doing good inwards the British, having beaten IM Richard Pert inwards the start round) in addition to Samuel Franklin.

Leonard Barden compared Felix's London Junior functioning finally Xmas amongst that of Nigel Short at the same age, in addition to in that place is to a greater extent than or less other near-parallel amongst the English linguistic communication super-GM inwards Felix's functioning this calendar week inwards Liverpool. In 1977 Nigel Short, aged 12 years 2 months, made national headlines past times beating 10 times British champion Jonathan Penrose inwards the tertiary circular of the British Championship. Short's circular vi marker that twelvemonth was 2½/6 whereas Felix, merely four months older, has already chalked upward 4/6. That plant out at a TPR of 2418 thence far, thence he could live on on course of teaching for an IM norm. Felix's progress has been rattling impressive. After a start circular loss to Jonathan Hawkins, he displayed mature technique to defeat Dave Ledger, in addition to thence drew games amongst Steve Barrett in addition to IM Simon Knott. In circular 5 he comfortably defeated the Indian actor Venkat Tiruchirapalli. But inwards circular vi he went i ameliorate in addition to defeated the highly experienced in addition to unsafe IM Graeme Buckley...

Ynojosa,F (2101) - Buckley,G (2401) [B22]
GBR-ch Liverpool (6), 02.08.2008

1 e4 c5 2 c3 e6 three d4 d5 four exd5 exd5 5 Nf3 Nc6 6 Be2 Bd6 vii dxc5 Bxc5 8 0-0 Nge7 nine Nbd2 0-0 10 Nb3 Bb6 xi Nfd4 Ng6 12 Be3 Nce5? xiii f4 Nc6 xiv Qd2 Re8 fifteen Bd3 Bd7 xvi Rae1 Nge7 17 Qf2 Nc8 xviii Qf3 Be6 nineteen Qg3 Bc7? twenty Nc5! Qf6 21 Nxb7 Nxd4 22 Bxd4 Qh6 23 Nc5 Ne7 24 Nxe6 fxe6 25 Rxe6 Ng6 26 Rxe8+ Rxe8 27 Bxg6 hxg6 28 Qf3 Re4 29 g3 a5 thirty f5 Be5 31 Bxe5 Rxe5 32 fxg6 Qxg6 33 Kg2 Kh7 34 Rf2 a4 35 Rd2 Qb1 36 a3 Qc1 37 Qf4 Qe1 38 Rf2 Kg8 39 Qxa4 Re2 xl Qa8+ Kh7 41 Qf8 Rxf2+ 42 Qxf2 Qe4+ 43 Kh3 Qe6+ 44 g4 g5 45 Qf5+ 1-0

What struck me close this game was Felix's intelligent game plan. Buckley has a potent preference for tactical mayhem inwards his games, but Felix steered him into an innocuous organization (Sicilian c3 transposing to Exchange French) where Buckley couldn't generate whatsoever tactics. By movement 12 it was evident that Black was far less comfortable amongst the positional nature of the game than his immature opponent in addition to a sideslip on movement nineteen was straight off exploited past times the 12-year-old. Felix won 2 pawns in addition to liquidated to move out himself amongst a straightforward technical win.

This was genuinely Felix's instant win against Buckley, whom he musical rhythm out inwards the King's Head Rapidplay before this twelvemonth on his agency to start house amongst 5½/6. Later, at the May Richmond Rapidplay, Felix added to a greater extent than or less other IM scalp to his belt past times beating Malcolm Pein inwards the instant circular on his agency to 4/6 inwards what was an extremely potent one-day tournament. He apparently has a huge talent. It volition live on rattling interesting to run into how he fares inwards the instant week.
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