Women's Basis Chess Championship, Game 7


Game 7 of the Women's World Chess Championship match, held inward Tirana, Albania, saw about other win for Hou Yifan of PRC against Humpy Koneru of India. The reigning champion has at in i lawsuit won 3 games without reply from her competition too needs simply i describe from the 3 remaining games to retain her title. By contrast, Humpy Koneru needs 3 successive wins to strength a rapidplay play-off.

The Indian challenger, in all likelihood anxious to become dorsum into the stand upwards for amongst too then few games remaining, played the overambitious 27...h5 which both players after concluded was an error. She compounded the fault yesteryear surrendering a pawn too farther weakening the kingside. Hou Yifan presently won a moment pawn too showed admirable technique too a cool caput to convert the endgame. After the game Humpy Koneru admitted that she was "out of form".

Official website: http://www.wwcc2011tirana.com

Photo yesteryear Anastasiya Karlovich too Anna Burtasova amongst sort permission of FIDE

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