The Perfect Marriage: Chess As Well As Cricket

s greatest sport has finally decided to formalise its natural partnership amongst the globe The Perfect Marriage: Chess as well as Cricket

It's official: chess as well as cricket accept got married. The world's greatest sport has finally decided to formalise its natural partnership amongst the world's greatest game.

The ceremony was performed inwards Chennai on xi December, amongst Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni doing the honours for cricket as well as globe chess champion Vishy Anand representing chess. The photograph shows Dhoni slipping a diamond hollo upward on Vishy's finger. Best human being duties at this, the celebrity marriage ceremony of the year, were performed past times Nigel Short as well as Peter Svidler, patch Vishy was 'given away' past times FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (bravely masking his disappointment that chess had decided to get married cricket as well as non the Olympic Games, amongst which it had previously conducted a long only pointless flirtation).

OK, I'm getting a fleck carried away amongst this skit, as well as thus here's the existent story. The photograph does non prevarication - that actually is MS Dhoni placing a hollo upward on Vishy Anand's finger. It was a acquaint to celebrate the globe chess champion's 39th birthday on xi December. And, patch on the subject, I'd similar to wishing Vishy all the best myself. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 actually swell champion as well as i of nature's prissy guys.

Rather surprisingly, the birthday celebration took house later twenty-four hr menses i of the Republic of Republic of India v England exam check inwards Chennai. As Matthew Turner has already commented, it mightiness explicate India's woeful batting on the next day. Can y'all imagine England's cricket squad taking fourth dimension off during a exam check to brand a birthday presentation to Mickey Adams or Nigel Short? As Geoffrey Boycott mightiness accept said: "tha's roobish plannin', is tha'!"

Vishy was quoted equally wishing Dhoni as well as the Indian cricket squad luck inwards their ongoing run across against England. “Good luck for the adjacent iv days, though I promise it gets over inwards three,” he said. He mightiness however teach his wishing only perchance non inwards the agency he'd hoped. His birthday celebration could accept caught the cricket squad inwards the corridor of uncertainty.

Now, accept I e'er told y'all virtually the fourth dimension I went to The Oval as well as saw Brian Statham bowl his in conclusion test-match spell? Well, it were 1965 as well as I were nobbut a lad as well as ... (continued page 94)...

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