Tal Memorial Tournament, Moscow, Circular 8

Round 8 of the Tal Memorial Tournament inwards Moscow, 24 November, saw Levon Aronian of Armenia win the entirely decisive game too accept over the sole Pb on 5/8, alongside 1 circular remaining.

Levon Aronian beats Peter Svidler to Pb the tournament.

Aronian, earth release three, defeated Russian champion Peter Svidler inwards what looked similar a fairly sedate game at get-go simply gradually got to a greater extent than complicated. Eventually Aronian was able to play a slice for 2 pawns sacrifice which led downwardly a long, forcing trouble to a pose where his queen dominated the pose too led to the win of a tertiary pawn. Svidler fought difficult simply passed pawns on both sides of the board proved fatal to his chances. One circular remains, alongside Carlsen, Ivanchuk, Karjakin too Nepomniachtchi poised one-half a signal behind Aronian. Last circular pairings affecting get-go house are Nepomniachtchi (4½) - Aronian (5), Nakamura (3) - Carlsen (4½), Karjakin (4½) - Ivanchuk (4½).

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