Rachel Reeves Vs Stephen Moss, Family Of Commons, Eighteen Oct 2011

Today at the House of Commons, Rachel Reeves MP was challenged to a span of games of 10-minute blitz chess past times Guardian journalist Stephen Moss. Rachel together with Stephen are both contest players amongst chess grades non also unlike from each other, though Rachel has non played actively for a few years. She was a flake rusty together with lost the get-go game to Stephen. But, equally you lot tin run across below, she brought inwards a exceptional adviser to help her amongst the 2d game...

Garry Kasparov advises Rachel Reeves, who faces Stephen Moss.
To the left of film you lot tin run across scribe GM Jonathan Speelman,
who kindly noted downwardly the moves for us.
(photo copyright 2011 John Saunders)

The moves of game one...

The 2d game has notes past times GM Jonathan Speelman, to whom I am really grateful for keying inwards the games.

Sumber http://johnchess.blogspot.com/
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