Magnus Carlsen Wins The Tal Memorial On Tie-Break

The lastly circular of the Tal Memorial tournament inwards Moscow saw Magnus Carlsen select care of the leader Levon Aronian together with accept the tournament on tie-break (having played to a greater extent than Black games).

Magnus Carlsen defeated Hikaru Nakamura amongst Black together with condemned the American to lastly house inwards the table. Hikaru actually needed to decease a improve opening (it's the exclusively trend to live on a unopen encounter of the Carlsen kind) exactly shortly found himself on the dorsum foot. Carlsen won a pawn together with and thence gradually applied to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than pressure. It eventually came downwards to an opposite-coloured bishop endgame - notoriously drawn inwards full general exactly this i had for sure nuances which made it to a greater extent than than commonly problematic for the defending side.

Carlsen's technical treatment of the endgame was immaculate, although he disdained a few cruel finishes towards the halt for a to a greater extent than positional approach. Games betwixt Carlsen together with Nakamura are starting to resemble the old-time lawn tennis rivalry of Bjorn Borg together with Jimmy Connors. In both cases the cool Scandinavian gradually established a hoodoo over the brash American player. But Hikaru gets an early on gamble for revenge every bit the 2 volition come across in i trial to a greater extent than inwards London inwards footling to a greater extent than than a week's time!

The other decisive game saw Peter Svidler defeat Russian colleague Vladimir Kramnik. The one-time footing champion played rather besides combatively together with his lay unravelled inwards the run-up to the fourth dimension control. Like Nakamura together with Vishy Anand (who drew all nine games!), he volition live hoping demonstrate improve degree inwards London or it powerfulness plough out to live a mo instalment of the 'Magnus together with Levon Show'...

1-2 Carlsen, Aronian 5½/9 (Carlsen placed kickoff on tie-break), 3-5 Karjakin, Nepomniachtchi, Ivanchuk 5, 6-7 Anand, Svidler 4½, 8-9 Kramnik, Gelfand 3½, 10 Nakamura 3.

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