London Chess Classic

The lastly fortnight has been really busy only highly enjoyable, writing reports for the London Chess Classic (go to the linked page in addition to click on 'Reports' inwards the left-hand menu). On the gratis 24-hour interval at that topographic point were to a greater extent than chess responsibilities, writing my monthly column for CHESS Magazine, also every bit unopen to other historical article on the British Championships of the 1960s.

My chess activeness doesn't halt there: on Wed fifteen Dec at 4pm I'm appearing on the BBC Radio iv programme Thinking Allowed to verbalize almost sociological aspects of chess amongst presenter Laurie Taylor in addition to Gary Alan Fine, Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University, whose recent mass Players in addition to Pawns: How Chess Builds Community in addition to Culture forms the solid set down for the discussion. The programme goes out alive in addition to then you'll convey to melody inwards to encounter how the give-and-take goes.

Incidentally, many of you lot volition live wondering whether Professor Fine is a relative of the legendary Reuben Fine. He isn't, in addition to he doesn't claim to live a rigid contest chess histrion only that's likely a skillful affair every bit it gives him a to a greater extent than independent standpoint. I've read the book: he's done unopen to thorough inquiry in addition to written an splendid function which goes to the pump of our game in addition to the civilisation surrounding it, coming upwards amongst a set out of intriguing sociological conclusions.

Photo of globe champion Magnus Carlsen on phase for the terminal circular of the London Classic

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