Loek Van Willy Holds His Trophy

A fleck of low-cal relief from all this heavyweight coverage of the FIDE Candidates' Tournament... on my Facebook feed this morning, I read an amusing article called '28 Newspaper in addition to Magazine Layout Disasters'. Some of them volition brand y'all express mirth out loud, spell others volition brand y'all cringe amongst embarrassment.

But I tin too empathize amongst the editors who perpetrated these atrocities. Let's locomote honest, it's near impossible to create an editorial labor for whatever length of fourth dimension without making a fault of this sort. In my early on days equally editor at British Chess Magazine, I managed to permit this photograph of Loek van Wely in addition to his Dutch colleagues become yesteryear me without spotting the joke. The Dutch squad were celebrating the Netherlands having won the European Team Championship inwards Espana inwards 2001.

Loek van Wely belongings a trophy - or should that locomote Loek van Willy?

BCM, Jan 2002, page 53, editor (I regret to say) John Saunders...

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