Kasimdzhanov's Non Wearing Whatever Draws

Kasim wants chess to 'go commando'

Former FIDE Champion Rustam Kasimdzanov has sent an opened upwards missive of the alphabet to the World Chess Federation amongst a revolutionary idea: to abolish the describe inwards chess altogether. 

“This agency the expectations of the crowd volition never endure deceived. There volition ever endure a winner, at that spot volition ever endure blood. (…) It volition endure adept for our sport. Not but sponsors in addition to attending in addition to prizes. It volition endure essentially adept for our game.”

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And, yes, the entirely existent argue I've blogged it is to endure able to exercise the headline at the laissez passer on of the blog...

... oh, larn on, then. His sentiment is that, if a longplay game is drawn, it is replayed straightaway at ever decreasing fourth dimension limits, amongst colours reversed, say, twenty minutes each for the foremost one, thence 10 minutes each, etc, etc, until a game is decisive. That is counted every bit the grade of the game (1-0, 0-1 but non ½-½) in addition to - mayhap well-nigh controversially - counted for rating purposes.

All kinds of snags occur, of course. For 1 thing, it wouldn't operate for league or weekend chess every bit at that spot is no spare fourth dimension to tally inwards a serial of replays. It might work for a top-level tournament amongst a express disclose of competitors, past times agency of an exhibition or experimental lawsuit (like the Melody Amber tournament) but I can't come across it catching on. Many players would endure reluctant to position their longplay ratings on the line.

Besides which, what is incorrect amongst a good, honest draw? But the adept tidings is that it is non beingness proposed past times but about other mortal from that cervix of the woods amongst a advert starting fourth dimension amongst K - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.  Then chess would endure inwards existent trouble. His ideas guide maintain a bad habit of turning into implemented decisions inwards a twinkling of an oculus in addition to amongst minimum of thought. Nobody much is probable to guide maintain whatever discover of a second-tier globe champion who won his championship inwards a discredited Libyan lawsuit shorn of a host of big-name players in addition to which effectively excluded Israeli competitors. Thank heavens, you lot may good say. And thence would I.
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