Great Scott

Here's a niggling poser...

White, to play his 41st move, has a huge cloth payoff - queen for bishop together with pawn. But he has 2 problems: (1) his queen is holed upwardly inwards a corner; (2) his opponent's d-pawn is 2 squares away from queening together with there's no obvious agency to halt it. The e7-bishop can't larn dorsum to comprehend the d2-square, spell the white K can't larn at that spot inwards fourth dimension either, e.g. 1.Kf2 d2 together with the K can't larn to e2 because the c4-bishop covers e2.

So what to do? It turns out that White had genuinely gone into this put alongside his eyes open. In the next position...

... he had played 39.Re7+ Qxe7 40.Bxe7 d3. And, from the starting fourth dimension diagram, he straight off works life the killer move...

41.Bf8! and Black resigned. If 41...Kxf8 42.Qxg6 d2 43.Qc2 Bh6 44.Kf2! (Without this precise motion Black mightiness yet escape) when White volition play g3 together with f4 together with and thence capture the d2-pawn subsequently which IAMOT (you tin run out this abbreviated cliche from the context).

Here's the total game score. White was RHV Scott together with he won the game inwards the penultimate circular of the 1920 British Championship inwards Edinburgh. His opponent was JH Blake. The next twenty-four hr menstruation Scott went on to win his finally circular game against EG Sergeant to clinch the British Championship title. I am grateful to Gerard Killoran for discovering the finally put together with move, subsequently which I tracked downwards the total game marker inwards the Yorkshire Post for 23 August 1920.

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