Educating The Rookie

Guardian journalist Stephen Moss has written a majority near his personal chess quest, called 'The Rookie' (Bloomsbury, 2016). Stephen learnt chess when he was at schoolhouse exactly seat it aside later on university. Like in addition to then many other ex-players, he however had a hankering for the game in addition to wondered whether he 'could accept been a contender'. The majority tells the tale of his re-entry to the footing of chess, including his ain chessboard triumphs in addition to disasters, in addition to his meetings amongst the game's slap-up names.

Stephen Moss goes head-to-head amongst footing chess champion Magnus Carlsen inward 2009

Link to a Guardian review of the book:

Link to a house where yous tin purchase the book:

I played a purpose inward Stephen's bespeak every bit his chess coach. He in addition to I solely lived a few streets away from each other, in addition to then over the years I became his 'local GP' who attended to his chess ailments, acre he besides consulted a few 'Harley Street specialists' inward the shape of grandmasters such every bit Nigel Short, Stuart Conquest, Vladislav Tkachiev, etc. Hence I was referred to inward the majority every bit 'Doc Saunders'.

I've written near my purpose inward Stephen's bespeak inward the September 2016 re-create of CHESS Magazine. The article may move flora hither online:
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