Chess Snippet No.3: Mir Sultan Khan (1905-66)

From the Manchester Guardian, thirteen August 1929, page 4

An interesting snippet close Mir Sultan Khan (1905-66), who had only won the 1929 British Chess Championship:

Transcription follows:
The New Chess Champion.
Hafiz Mian Sultan Khan, the novel British chess champion too kickoff Indian to win the distinction, is "the boy of Mir Nizamuddin, the religious leader of Mitha Tiwana, inwards the Shahpur district of the Punjab. He is 24 years of age, too has spent the greater business office of his youth inwards learning the Koran yesteryear heart, too so effectively that he has earned the championship of "Hafiz," accorded to 1 able to repeat from retentiveness the whole of the Koran. He has nine brothers, all of whom are advanced players of chess.
Colonel Malik Nawab Sir Umar Hayat Khan Tiwana, who belongs to the same district equally Sultan Khan, took a bully involvement inwards him because of the remarkable aptitude he showed whenever he played a game amongst the Nawab. The Nawab thence organised a particular all-India tournament, which Sultan Khan won. The novel champion does non utter English, too consequently he cannot read whatsoever majority written on the bailiwick of chess. There are no chess books inwards the vernacular of his country. Sir Umar thence engaged an English linguistic communication tutor to learn him the English linguistic communication moves of the game, equally the Indian moves differ from the English. During the tournament at Ramsgate Sultan Khan, who contracted malaria inwards India, developed such a heat that it was considered necessary to scratch him, but he refused to submit to the ruling too persisted inwards continuing to play.

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