Chess Is A Criminal Offense Ii: Justin Bieber Arrested For Looking Similar Magnus Carlsen

Following the floor well-nigh the NYPD arresting as well as charging vii men for playing chess inwards a restricted area comes this sensational floor from LA...

Justin Bieber: Arrested for looking similar a chessplayer

The photograph shows teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber existence arrested inwards LA yesterday. But it turned out to endure a illustration of false identity. An embarrassed LAPD spokesman after explained: "You see, he looked simply a tiny fleck similar notorious pawn-pusher Magnus Carlsen. We are bully downwards on chess inwards the USA as well as the constabulary direct keep orders to accept immediate activity if they topographic point i of these so-called 'grandmasters' on the street. We can't apologise to a greater extent than for suspecting Justin mightiness endure a chessplayer."

P.S. Actually Justin is a chessplayer - encounter this story.

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