Change Of Physical Care For At The 'Chess Crucible'?

Looking circular at the IET Lecture Theatre today, it struck me that the FIDE World Candidates' Tournament resembled the Crucible Theatre inward Sheffield where they concur the World Snooker Championship every year. The sectionalization betwixt the ii sides of the playing surface area adds to this effect, equally create the nighttime suits of the arbiters equally they commencement the clocks in addition to by in addition to large deed with the boards.

A snooker referee 'j'adoubing' a ball...

Assistant arbiter Adam Raoof inward item looks the part, inward his smart suit. I suggested to him that inward hereafter rounds he puts on a distich of white gloves. In addition, I recommended a modify of physical care for to him: rather than having the players j'adoube their ain pieces, they should summon a white-gloved arbiter to the board in addition to indicate to the ill-positioned piece. The arbiter would in addition to thence choice upward the offending piece, house a pocket-sized marking on the foursquare where it belonged, shine the slice carefully with their gloves, in addition to and thence supersede it exactly in addition to ostentatiously on the square.

I create promise Adam rises to the challenge...

The 'Chess Crucible' - primary arbiter Stuebenvoll would hold off amend wearing white gloves, wouldn't he?

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