Can Y'all Listen Me, Maggie Carlsen?

I've merely stumbled upon the spider web log of overstep Norwegian GM Jon-Ludvig Hammer...
... as well as constitute it to survive excellent. Of course, when I tell "top Norwegian GM", I haven't forgotten the other immature guy from that usage of the globe who sits atop the globe rating list. Jon-Ludvig has some photos of a relaxed Magnus Carlsen wandering to a greater extent than or less Khanty-Mansiysk, playing cards with his squad mates, etc.
Jon-Ludvig Hammer gives dandy blog.

I couldn't assist but express mirth when I saw Magnus's nickname with his Norwegian teammates. It's 'Maggie'. The balance of us chess writers stimulate got been busily 'bigging' him up, calling him 'Magnificent Magnus' as well as comparison his elevate to Charlemagne, etc, but to his Norwegian mates he's merely obviously 'Maggie'*. That is rather endearing.

These days, for British people as well as maybe for others circular the world, the elevate 'Maggie' forthwith brings to heed our sometime prime number minister. This inwards its plough triggered the idea of Mrs T's elevate existence taken inwards vain inwards the context of a famous football game jibe betwixt Kingdom of Norway as well as England inwards 1981 when the Norwegian commentator ecstatically reeled off the names of famous English linguistic communication people (including Nelson, Churchill as well as Princess Diana) every bit he gloried inwards the Norwegian victory. The in conclusion salvo of Bjørge Lillelien's immortal taunt was "Maggie Thatcher, tin yous listen me? Maggie Thatcher - your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!" Now the kick is on the other foot: it is Kingdom of Norway that has the famous 'Maggie' and, solely this week, their "boys" (including 'Maggie') took a "hell of a beating" from the English linguistic communication chess team. Has Mickey Adams finally position the ghost of 1981? Can yous listen me, Maggie Carlsen?

* Postscript: Before anyone gets likewise hung upward on Magnus Carlsen's nickname existence 'Maggie', Jon-Ludvig has merely told me this is his ain somebody elevate for Magnus! "I merely similar calling him that," says GM Hammer.
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