Britbase Is Back!

Yes, BritBase is back. The national chess game database which I started inwards 1997, that is (just inwards illustration you lot had never heard of it). is the address.

BritBase Home Page - Still crazily keying games later all these years...

Actually, it's never been away - it but sat there, gathering dust for a twelvemonth or two, equally I busied myself editing chess magazines. But straight off I'm retired (apart from approximately freelance writing, tournament report-writing, translating, etc), I'm hoping to cause got a fighting to a greater extent than fourth dimension to devote to what was 1 of my commencement chess projects equally an amateur chess worker earlier I went professional.

In the meantime chess together with the dissemination of chess information has continued to educate at an amazing charge per unit of measurement online, together with I am no longer certain that at that topographic point is much ask for BritBase to maintain upward alongside contemporary British tournaments anyway. The game scores from electrical current tournaments honour their agency to consumers, commonly inwards a prompt together with orderly fashion, via a multiplicity of spider web sources. So I'm actually focusing my attending on by tournaments which cause got been nonetheless to honour their agency from obscure bulletins together with other sources onto digital media. That said, I'm happy to cause got delivery of files of tournament games played inwards the hither together with now, peculiarly if the sender feels that it is a skillful agency to 'get them out there'.

If you lot cause got files you lot desire to share, or desire to brand it impact to utter over whatever appear of this, you lot tin comment hither on my blog. (Or shipping an e-mail to 'john' at the URL address you lot run across farther upward the page.)

To maintain rails of BritBase progress (or lack of it), click on the What's New page here.
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