Bent Larsen (1935-2010)

Some really lamentable news: the dandy Danish thespian Bent Larsen (4 iii 1935 - ix ix 2010) is no more. In the 2d one-half of the 1960s his low-cal shone every bit brilliant every bit Bobby Fischer, brighter at times, every bit these 2 vied to locomote considered the leading western challenger to the Soviet stranglehold on the globe title. 

Larsen won no fewer than 3 interzonals, inwards 1964 (Amsterdam - where the photograph was taken), 1967 (Sousse) together with 1976 (Biel), together with played on meridian board ahead of Fischer for the Rest of the World inwards the so-called 'Match of the Century' against the Soviet Union inwards 1970. 

He was too Fischer's competitor every bit a chess writer, bringing out his hugely influential English linguistic communication language edition of 50 Selected Games around the fourth dimension Fischer's legendary My Sixty Memorable Games was published. Larsen's aspirations to the globe championship were cutting curt when he suffered a calamitous 0-6 defeat to Fischer inwards the Candidates' semi-final inwards 1971, together with amongst the subsequent rising of Anatoly Karpov, only he remained a top-flight grandmaster for many years together with i whose fighting mental attitude to the game together with opening ideas rest influential to this day. 

I remembered ordering his Larsen's 50 Selected Games of Chess 1948-69 together with Fischer's Sixty Memorable Games at the same fourth dimension together with having them brand it inwards the same package. I tin fifty-fifty country y'all the 24-hour interval they arrived because I wrote it on the within encompass - fourteen September 1970, twoscore years agone less iv days. The simultaneous arrival of Fischer together with Larsen on my doormat created a work - which to read first? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 existent dilemma which I entirely half-solved yesteryear dipping into i together with thus sampling the other for an sixty minutes or two. As dilemmas go, it was a really happy one, of course. They rest 2 of my 3 favourite chess books of all fourth dimension (the tertiary beingness Donner's The King). Tonight I shall sit down downwards inwards my favourite chair, amongst the well-loved, ruby-red dust-jacketed majority together with fondly remind myself of the dandy human being via his ain words together with moves. R.I.P.
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