Anand To Convey Carlsen Equally A Mo For The Basis Entitle Amongst Topalov (Or Is He?)

A recent paper interview indicates that Vishy Anand is to convey Magnus Carlsen equally 1 of his seconds for the World Championship agree amongst Veselin Topalov In Apr 2010.

Anand broke the intelligence himself inwards an interview given to an unnamed staff reporter on the Calcutta Telegraph. Asked whether Indian GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly would last his 1 of his seconds, Anand replied: "He may be. I am non sure. Seconds are a real secretive thing. Even if I enjoin you lot that he volition last 1 of my seconds, the competitor campsite volition non believe me. But 1 affair is for sure, Magnus Carlsen (the footing No. 2) volition last 1 of the seconds."

By the fourth dimension of the agree Carlsen may good last footing no.1 too thence it does appear slightly foreign that Carlsen should back upward a thespian whom he would sure enough promise to challenge inwards a subsequent footing entitle (assuming Vishy retains his title, of course). Any cooperation betwixt Anand too Carlsen would need Vishy revealing his box of opening tricks to his futurity challenger. But peradventure it would besides give away something of Carlsen's modus operandi to the wily champion.

With his immediate target inwards mind, Anand must last hoping that this early on revelation of the ace inwards his manus volition bargain a psychological blow to his Bulgarian challenger - much inwards the same way that, before this year, the proclamation that Magnus Carlsen was existence coached past times Garry Kasparov was timed to boost Carlsen's challenge against Topalov inwards the 'Pearl Spring' super-tournament inwards China. I'm only wondering whether it agency that Anand volition expire a score of Kasparovian back upward at minute take - Garry tells Magnus, too Magnus tells Vishy? Veselin Topalov too his squad convey occasionally been defendant of paranoia - but maybe they actually are all out to expire him.

But HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! It seems that the interviewer could convey messed up. ChessBase News are instantly reporting that Anand may convey said 'Nielsen' too non 'Carlsen'! This would brand feel equally Peter Heine Nielsen has been Anand's minute on several occasions. To which nosotros tin alone tell "OH! CALCUTTA!"...
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