2013 Candidates, Circular 7

Well, I won’t brand that error i time to a greater extent than - trusting Google’s Blogger software to await after my text without initiatory off writing it upward together with saving it inwards a conventional give-and-take processor. The 2nd one-half of my circular vi report, telling yous all the secrets of the tournament press room, disappeared into internet - but STOP PRESS - thank yous to Peter Doggers of Here's a link.

So, amongst a sigh of relief, to circular seven. When quizzed most the iv draws of the initiatory off circular together with the absence of ‘fighting chess’, yous may recall that Vlad Kramnik commented “they telephone band it fighting chess - it only agency the touchstone isn't really high!” Round vii was different; nobody could criticise the fighting character of the games but the games ended inwards draws anyway. But only because they ended inwards draws it doesn’t also follow that the moves were of a high standard. Actually, at that topographic point were a few really pitiable character motion played inwards circular seven, but they are in all likelihood best explained past times the tension inwards the tournament. I’ve heard it said past times someone really experienced who is really unopen to the activity inwards the tournament room together with has also attended a let on of other high-profile events, that the tension is of a acme rarely seen at such events. Of course, hence much is at stake: a house inwards a footing entitle match. And fifty-fifty for those players who are lagging behind, it is of import for them to regain some prestige, non to elevate rating points.


Carlsen at the start of his testing game against Radjabov

Round vii was the 2nd major scare for Magnus Carlsen, together with perchance to a greater extent than hence than his game amongst Ivanchuk. In the opening, for reasons non alone clear to the players or the press, Black’s seat seemed to operate out pretty good for him. Around motion xviii Carlsen after admitted to what he called a ‘black-out’, allowing Radjabov to forcefulness an pawn advance to f3 together with gaining command of the g2 square.

Suddenly the watching audience’s computers were whirring together with finding a myriad of powerful lines for Radjabov. By at nowadays Carlsen had woken upward to the danger together with was reliant on an central sacrifice to larn him out of trouble. But it looked (and notwithstanding looks) similar desperate stuff. I was watching the game inwards the press room amongst GM Ray Keene. He may non take away maintain played competitively for a pair of decades but his attacking instincts are notwithstanding really sharp. Around motion 23, where Radjabov played 23...Qe6. Ray preferred 23...Qd7, to proceed some additional pressure level on the d-file.

Later, at the press conference, I was brave plenty to position this possible improvement to the players. The innovation that Ray together with I together with the estimator had hitting on involved playing the bishop circular to 26...Ba5 to molest the rook on d2 but Carlsen waved this away, proverb it was no big bargain equally he could play 26 Bxc5, etc. But I’m non hence certain White is genuinely alright hither - take away maintain a await at the annotation below - but I suppose it was call for besides much of the players to abide by such a long together with tortuous problem without the practise goodness of an engine. It is typical of Carlsen's rational, confident philosophy that he doesn't pass besides much fourth dimension worrying most things inwards the past times or hereafter which he can't change. As a Zen Buddhist mightiness position it, he 'lives inwards the moment': he makes his motion together with doesn't agonise most it after the event.

H5N1 pair of moves later, Radjabov, amongst the central inwards his pocket, went all inwards amongst f3-f2+ together with it looked pretty good. However, it wasn’t a knock-out punch together with of a abrupt it was difficult to abide by a convincing entry into Carlsen’s position. I can’t assist feeling Radjabov was really unlucky inwards this game. The Nordic gods smiled on Carlsen.


Ivanchuk is thinking most a Scotch - Svidler is thinking most football game together with cricket...

This was perchance the to the lowest degree interesting of the days iv draws, unless yous take away maintain a penchant for a primary problem of the Scotch game. Peter Svidler’s castling queenside was of some note, but it after transpired that Peter had to a greater extent than of import things on his take away heed - the Premier League football game stand upward for Arsenal-Reading on Lord's Day afternoon. At the press conference I asked Peter most the cricket exam stand upward for but he told me his comments would endure “unprintable”. (Just earlier play started inwards circular eight, together with I was taking photos inwards the playing hall, Peter gave me his person views on the cricket, where England are currently staring downward the gun barrel of defeat against New Zealand, but leaving Peter together with I amongst some promise that the England batsmen may yet chase downward a record-breaking 4th innings deficit.)


The Kramnik dark-squared bishop arrives on Gelfand's b4.

This game started amongst a steady IGP problem of the Nimzo-Indian. Kramnik admitted that he had been ‘terribly provocative’ roughly motion 17 together with also described his 18th motion Nf6-e8 equally “terribly risky”. But it was worse than. Kramnik was told past times the press that his motion was genuinely a blunder equally it allowed non one, but two, winning replies, amongst either white knight able to larn to g5. Kramnik was visibly stunned to run across that, after xix Neg5 h6, White had xx Bg6, but it was interesting to run across that, having been shown this move, he was able to abide by a host of winning lines almost instantly. But at that topographic point was a 2nd stupor for him when Evgeny Bareev showed him xix Nfg5 which wins inwards a dissimilar way after 19...h6 xx Qh5, etc.

Instead Boris retreated his e4 knight to d2 together with the minute had passed. The game duly petered out to a draw. But the usual oversight was perchance indicative both of Kramnik’s desperation to intermission his run of draws past times playing provocatively, together with the tiredness of the 2 players.


Take 1: Levon Aronian shakes hands with... arbiter David Sedgwick?! No, genuinely he's shaking hands amongst Alexander Grischuk at the commencement of  their game. Just a weird photographic accident: no photoshopping involved.

Take 2, together with at nowadays yous tin run across it was Aronian-Grischuk

The articulation leader started amongst a pretty enterprise problem against the Queen’s Indian, only trying to heighten the tension a lilliputian inwards the middlegame amongst xv Qc3 together with and hence a lilliputian to a greater extent than hence past times sacrificing a pawn amongst xx c5. I idea it looked quite imbalanced for a piece but I was sitting side past times side to Ray Keene together with roughly motion 23 he was analysing it out to a pull if Black played 23...a6. Aronian after dissented from this view, feeling that he mightiness take away maintain had a lilliputian border inwards the endgame but it notwithstanding looks pretty degree to most human eyes. Eventually Aronian regained his sacrificed pawn together with the pieces were hovered off, leaving a degree endgame.

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