2013 Candidates, Circular 6

And as well as then at that spot were two... Aronian as well as Carlsen won their 6th circular games as well as receive got moved a signal as well as a one-half clear at the FIDE Candidates' Tournament. H5N1 neat statistic: the ii of them receive got scored vi games betwixt them, piece the other vi receive got won but two.

Let's but hold off at the scores: Aronian, Carlsen 4½; Kramnik, Svidler 3; Grischuk, Radjabov 2½; Gelfand, Ivanchuk 2. At nowadays the story is non actually well-nigh who is going to win, thence much equally who isn't. With i front-runner, the chasing pack could ever promise that the leader would all of a abrupt blow it as well as lose games, but  here nosotros receive got ii players agency ahead of the field. So Kramnik as well as co receive got a existent work because they receive got ii guys agency ahead of them. Too early on to write off the chances of the vi trailing players? I am non sure that it is - inward the context of a chess tournament of this calibre, it would live on surprising if both of the leaders savage past times the wayside. As a pose out of tweets phrased it after the circular (and I promise the ii leaders don't object to the equine metaphor) - nosotros at nowadays receive got a 'two Equus caballus race'.

A victorious Levon Aronian at his 6th circular press conference with Teimour Radjabov


Magnus Carlsen was the laid about winning stallion to render to the paddock. Peter Svidler had been having a pretty practiced tournament until circular vi but he collapsed rapidly as well as disastrously, thence that Carlsen wasn't fifty-fifty required to present off his endgame virtuosity.


Magnus Carlsen inward a practiced mood at the circular vi press conference.

Henrik Carlsen giving an interview to BBC Radio during circular six.


The 14th basis champion (as Kirsan Ilyumzhinov referred to him inward his opening address, thereby consigning Messrs Khalifman, Ponomariov, Kasimzhanov as well as Topalov to the dustbin of history) is looking to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than equally if his prospects of regaining the championship receive got evaporated. He hasn't given upwardly yet: "It's non lost yet, the struggle for the laid about place, I nonetheless experience I but receive got to acquire by to hold the level. But of course of teaching it's a flake to a greater extent than hard for the older guys." When Ivanchuk had alone well-nigh 4 minutes left for 21 moves, Kramnik sacrificed the central on f6 for a speculative attack.


As the human (Capablanca?) said, "the practiced instrumentalist is lucky". As thence oftentimes seems to occur inward chess, a long as well as hard defensive sequence culminated inward a instrumentalist relaxing also presently as well as making a massive blunder. In this representative it was Radjabov who was to suffer. He came out of the opening with a sub-optimal but defensible position, which Aronian continued to probe upwardly to as well as beyond the laid about fourth dimension control. Just when Radjabov appeared to live on reaching a comfortable position, he made a massive tactical oversight. In many ways the game resembled a Carlsen win, except that Carlsen grinds tend to live on inward the endgame as well as this was nonetheless the middlegame. It enabled Aronian to remain abreast of Carlsen inward the lead, as well as emphasised the gap which has opened upwardly betwixt the ii leaders as well as the field.


This game also had its moments of interest. Grischuk was pretty lucky to acquire away with a really fishy 23 Nd6 motility but Gelfand failed to capitalise. Right at the destination at that spot was an interesting minute when Grischuk played 53 Kf1, but kept his manus on the piece. Perhaps all of a abrupt noticing the refutation given inward the notes, he pose it dorsum on its original foursquare as well as continued to think. Thirty seconds later, played 53 Kg1, which draws. All perfectly legal, of course, though it is perchance a lilliputian odd for players other than those at social club flat to brand a tentative motility inward this way. Professional players commonly execute their moves inward a smoothen as well as confident manner.


I realise that, past times the fourth dimension readers acquire inward at my blog, they may already receive got perused really similar cloth at several other places online, including the official FIDE site, ChessVibes and/or The Week inward Chess. For which argue I decided I had improve discovery a fresh angle non covered past times other journalists, which also exploits the fact that I am at the ringside every day.

I idea yous mightiness similar to larn something well-nigh the press room, where the full general world is non allowed to enter. You may receive got gained a few clues well-nigh the press room from videos of press conferences which are held there, especially when the conference chairperson Anastasiya Karlovich has to 'shush' the loud talkers amongst the press.

You volition Federal Reserve notation that, to a greater extent than or oftentimes than non when Anastasiya has to do this, she does it inward Russian. This is because Russian is really much the dominant linguistic communication inward the press room. Linguistically, the room is similar Berlin or Vienna straight off after WW2, with the occupying forces divided into a 'Russian sector' as well as a 'USA/UK sector' (except that the USA is non represented hither - but a duo of Brits as well as roughly western European Anglophones). I should emphasise that relations betwixt the ii sectors are perfectly friendly but the composition of the room has evolved thence that the Russian speakers occupy the dorsum rows of desks, piece the English linguistic communication speakers are close the front, nearest the press conference desks. Even so, Russian is spoken inward much higher decibels than English, thence that it is the Russians that yous tin give the axe commonly take away heed talking through press conferences, as well as non us (usually) softly-spoken Anglophones.

The press facility also reminds me a lilliputian of beingness inward a schoolhouse room, with a rows of desks side past times side, facing the front, as well as a row of press conference desks where the players sit down with the chairperson to give their post-game comments. When at that spot are no press conferences inward session, it tin give the axe sometimes live on lilliputian similar a schoolhouse classroom without a teacher. Generally, nosotros are really well-behaved children but nosotros at nowadays receive got a 'class clown' who likes to entertain us inward the middle of the afternoon when the chess games are inward the opening stage as well as perchance non really exciting. H5N1 contributory fun component is the limitless render of 'Red Bull' which the organisers provide for us, as well as I receive got a suspicion that gentlemen inward the 'Russian sector' may live on fortifying this with something stronger on occasions. (Incidentally, inward representative yous were wondering, I personally receive got stuck to tea as well as water. Sorry if that makes me seem boring.)


Who is our degree clown? None other than distinguished grandmaster as well as writer Gennadi Borisovich Sosonko. The other afternoon Genna, 69, started a flake of fun past times trying on Maria Yurenok's hat.

Genna Sosonko equally yous receive got never seen him before!

Maria's lid looks rather practiced on him, doesn't it? Then he sat inward i of the press conference chairs as well as invited the assembled to interview him equally it were roughly other press conference. We attempted to move inward into the spirit of the matter past times firing diverse questions at him well-nigh the manifold attractions to live on enjoyed inward the dandy metropolis of Amsterdam but I experience it would live on inappropriate to give whatsoever farther details. Genna is a dandy story-teller as well as I would heartily recommend his books, such equally Russian Silhouettes, to anyone who hasn't read them.

I shouldn't similar yous to receive got away the impression that the press room is similar this all the time. It was a one-off as well as most of the fourth dimension it is a serenity library-like infinite where people operate upwardly their reports, procedure photos, etc. But it is sure a friendly house as well as a dandy agency to run into chess people from the basis at large. The arbiters also portion our infinite when they are 'off duty' as well as David Sedgwick really kindly introduced me to GM Alexander Volzhin who used to live on a regular visitor to Hastings inward his playing days. Alexander retired from professional person chess well-nigh 10 years agone to laid about a professional person career inward banking, but he nonetheless follows the game when fourth dimension permits. Alexander is at nowadays based inward Moscow but he has retained a apartment inward Greenwich, London, as well as spends quite a lot of his fourth dimension here. I actually enjoyed chatting with him.

Russians inward the press room at Savoy Place: the taller instrumentalist at the dorsum is retired GM Alexander Volzhin, standing with GM Evgeny Bareev. At the forepart are the ii Russian journalists: left, is Ilya Levitov and, right, Yuri Vasiliev.

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