2013 Candidates, Circular 4: Carlsen-Grischuk

Carlsen made it all await absurdly simple
H5N1 2nd successive win for Carlsen puts him inwards a necktie for starting fourth dimension house afterward iv rounds of the FIDE Candidates' Tournament. This game, however, was less close him than his opponent. Alexander Grischuk vanquish himself past times indulging his fatal fourth dimension problem habit. Yet 1 time to a greater extent than a thespian inwards this tournament tried to play amongst a handicap of to a greater extent than than 1 hr compared amongst his opponent. The tape of the fourth dimension problem addicts compared to their to a greater extent than sensible opponents doesn't stack upwardly - as well as thus why create they create it? Beats me.
Grischuk vanquish himself

True, Grischuk is a marvellous blitz thespian as well as he pulled out around pretty useful moves nether extreme fourth dimension pressure level which mightiness convey frightened the pants off a thespian below his level, but trying such a hackneyed psychological play tricks against Carlsen is precisely bonkers.

The game started amongst a sideline of the Berlin Ruy Lopez which Grischuk had defended unsuccessfully against Karjakin inwards a Moscow rapidplay game terminal month, but Carlsen (who would live on fully aware of that) diverged first. He nursed a slight border whilst Grischuk agonised over his moves as well as dug a big hole for himself. It was a proficient game for knights rather than bishops every bit Carlsen laid upwardly his horses on the dark a-pawn as well as locked the dark clerics upwardly inwards a rather unsuccessful dorsum rate conclave.

If you lot are looking for where Black went wrong, the fantabulous official press release has a big clue: "An of import 2nd was 17…f5, a motion disliked past times Carlsen. 'I missed a lot of things amongst this move. I completely overestimated my position. I silent intend Black is fine but [during the game] I idea Black was better,' said Grischuk.

Grischuk eventually conjured upwardly around tactics which mightiness good convey felled a lesser human but Carlsen defused all the tricks as well as won around material, making it all await absurdly easy. But, every bit I said at the top, this 1 was to a greater extent than close Grischuk's bad tactics than anything Magnus did.

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