2013 Candidates, Circular 4: Aronian-Svidler

After the balance day, "half a balance day". This was Peter Svidler's characterisation of his quaternary circular game alongside Levon Aronian. It was really much similar circular one, alongside 31 moves as well as a nigh symmetrical finishing position.

It was a victory for the Svidler grooming equally he played a sideline of the Queen's Gambit Accepted. Press officeholder Nastya Karlovich asked Aronian if he had expected the largely innocuous sideline which the six-times Russian champion had prepared for him. He didn't teach a jeopardy to answer equally Svidler interrupted alongside a wisecrack: "don't say me it was inwards your overstep 10 or I'll get-go looking for spies!"

Later, Peter had to champaign the commons diet question. He told us organiser Andrew Paulson had warned him non to last equally good quick to discard his larger-fitting, pre-diet clothes. "Sooner or later on you lot volition demand them again." He was asked nigh the colouring stuff as well as diversity of his shirts as well as dealt alongside this hot sartorial inquiry alongside cracking expert humour. Nastya turned to Aronian to enquire his comments on the same subject. "Hopefully people volition enquire nigh my agency at the board", to which Peter shot dorsum "not a chance!"

Personally, I'm all inwards favour of this Hello! Magazine agency questioning, especially equally I know side past times side to nada nigh the Queen's Gambit Accepted as well as it didn't strike me equally a really interesting game anyway. But, for those interested, hither are the moves...

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