2013 Candidates, Circular 3: Gelfand-Carlsen

Last but non least, the Gelfand-Carlsen game. It has to endure said that Magnus Carlsen's games stand upward apart from those of virtually of the other elite players of the moment, in addition to this was vintage Magnus. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Carlsen opening tends non to endure a coming-together of 2 independent in addition to highly abstruse laboratory experiments. It's to a greater extent than minimalist than that; a succession of reasonable, rational moves designed to orbit a seat amongst simply a ghost of an see to a greater extent than or less moves downwardly the line.

I was going to clit his opening moves every bit "innocuous seeming" but at that topographic point is no argue to qualify the describing word - objectively, virtually of them are innocuous (at least, to other elite players). But they come upward amongst the construct cite 'made inward Norway'. Think Ikea (but to a greater extent than upmarket). He may non endure basis champion yet but the Carlsen fearfulness ingredient already plays on the minds of his opponents. Is anyone immune? That is a query this tournament may answer, but it mightiness good endure inward the negative.

The game started amongst the Cambridge Springs variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined. It is an ancient business from the 1890s which was outset played past times the 2d basis champion, Emanuel Lasker, amongst whom Carlsen is oftentimes compared. Lasker, similar Carlsen, preferred the practical to the theoretical. This has been all the virtually noticeable inward Carlsen's play since his few months written report amongst Kasparov iii years ago. Though Carlsen manifestly learnt a lot from the quondam champion, he reacted against Kasparov's intensive move ethic in addition to developed his ain distinctive style, which consists mainly of doing virtually of the move at the board in addition to wearing the other guy downwardly rather than preparing vast arrays of complicated theory designed to blow opponents apart earlier they sit down down. The Cambridge Springs Defence is perfectly playable for Black, though unfashionable, but it is tardily to come across why the basis disclose i took a smoothen to it.

Boris Gelfand in addition to Magnus Carlsen at their circular iii press conference

The game took a familiar course, amongst a fairly grade seat on the board until displace 36, when Boris allowed Magnus to direct maintain 2 passed pawns on the queenside. That would in all probability direct maintain been OK had he non chosen an inferior displace on displace twoscore - the concluding displace of the fourth dimension control. He nevertheless mightiness direct maintain had drawing chances but he chose to telephone substitution queens, maybe figuring that the dark knight could non shepherd domicile the passed pawns without back upward from the dark king, which was kept busy babysitting White's passed h-pawn. But Carlsen proved decisively that the knight in addition to pawns could orbit the play a joke on without aid from the king.

The outset iii movements of this detail Carlsen symphony were rather derivative but you lot direct maintain to tell that he rounded it off amongst a supremely assured coda inward the 4th (which proved molto doloroso for Boris). Emanuel Lasker would direct maintain smiled, taken a big puff of his cigar in addition to exclaimed "that's my boy!".

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