2013 Candidates, Circular 2: Carlsen-Kramnik Press Conference

Well, that was tardily materials for the spectators, wasn't it? Most of the pieces hoovered off in addition to a describe inward 31 moves. Vlad Kramnik, equally Black, was the happier of the 2 super-GMs, equally y'all tin meet from the photo...

Vlad in addition to interviewer Nastya Karlovich are happy but Magnus less in addition to thence at first...
... but Magnus shortly cheered up.
Of course, nosotros exclusively meet the moves in addition to non all the laboratory function that goes into preparing for them. Vlad seemed pretty pleased amongst the game equally he had had an piece of cake ride amongst Black against the transcend seed. He had seen Magnus's training coming in addition to had fifty-fifty prepared it himself for a rapidplay play-off against Grischuk inward Kazan inward 2011, he told us. So he allowed himself a lilliputian dig at Magnus past times maxim he felt the Norwegian had made a error past times playing, but Magnus did non ascent to the bait.

Vlad told us how difficult he was working in addition to was asked how difficult he would receive got had to receive got worked if he had been playing at the 1953 Zurich Candidates' which featured an eye-watering 28 rounds, rather than the xiv rounds he was required to play inward London. Vlad opined that the 2013 event, though one-half the length inward price of games, was genuinely much harder because of computers in addition to all the between-rounds function that modern tournaments required. "They exclusively had 2 openings inward 1953 - the Nimzo-Indian in addition to the King's Indian Defence!" Magnus smiled at this comment.

Magnus was belike the less chuffed of the two, quite naturally, equally he had had White in addition to belike hoped to gear upward a torture sleeping room for Vlad, much equally he is accustomed to doing for his opponents at the London Classic a few miles downwardly the route on his annual Dec visits. But he did tantalise us past times maxim he had invented a game, based on chess, which he would travel telling us well-nigh shortly - but non yet. Intriguing! It's non a video game, apparently.

Vlad too fielded a enquiry well-nigh 'fighting chess' in addition to retorted "they telephone band it fighting chess - it only agency the touchstone isn't really high!".

The players were invited to become through the game but, frankly, in that place wasn't much point. Vlad easily 'won' the post service mortem equally he had seen it all coming, in addition to he effortlessly batted away a couplet of queries from GMs amongst answers that seemed designed to demo his all-embracing noesis of this item line. The human seems super-confident in addition to his audio bites were razor-sharp. I wonder if the bookies' odds receive got shifted a lilliputian inward his favour...

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