2013 Candidates, Circular 11



At the start of play, my overriding persuasion was - tin in that location actually silent live 4 rounds to play? The tournament is terribly long too starting to accept its toll, fifty-fifty of those of us who exclusively stimulate got to sit down inwards the press room all day, munching biscuits too drinking tea (and, inwards my case, having the luxury of sleeping inwards my ain bed at night). If it's tough for us, imagine how hard it must live for the players, thousands of miles from dwelling household too loved ones, too having the world's strongest chess opponents to face, twenty-four hours after day.

Today started amongst a slight accident when Ivanchuk stumbled over the border of the phase at the back. He laughed it off at firstly but too thence asked for some assist amongst the injury (though hopefully it's non every bit good serious). I sympathize that Radjabov is suffering from a mutual depression temperature - bad intelligence for him, but perhaps adept intelligence for his opponent Kramnik who volition live desperate to add together to his fit of wins too vanquish a non-Russian at last.


First house Carlsen 7/10 - after the round, 7½/11 too silent first

Second house Aronian 6½/10 - after the circular 6½/11 too at ane time downward to third
Third house Kramnik 6/10 - after the circular 7/11 too at ane time upwards to instant place.


We silent stimulate got the 'big three' but the gild has at ane time changed to Carlsen, Kramnik, Aronian. It was a smashing circular for the Russians, amongst Kramnik beating the tiring Radjabov, Svidler knocking Aronian off his perch, too Grischuk doing good to agree the leader Carlsen to a draw.


Grischuk starts the game against Carlsen

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 brusque too inconclusive game betwixt the leader Carlsen too Grischuk but non without interest. Grischuk launched an early on too highly odd h4 against Carlsen's Grunfeld. Black built a reasonably adept position, designed to withstand whatever h-file unpleasantness, but he allowed his d-pawn to cash inwards one's chips weak amongst a maybe injudicious e5 move. Carlsen defended actively too effectively but it led to reduced cloth on the board and, inwards his judgement, non plenty compass to justify playing on for ane of his endgame grinds.

This mightiness stimulate got endangered his condition every bit leader but, every bit nosotros shall see, Peter Svidler did him a favour after (though non Teimour Radjabov).


As you lot mightiness await from the 2 most amiable of grandmasters, a friendly discussion too a grin is exchanged betwixt Peter Svidler too Levon Aronian at the start of the game, earlier they instruct downward to serious business.

Peter Svidler was his park brilliant too breezy self at the showtime of the round, exchanging pleasantries amongst Aronian (as you lot tin meet above), but of course of written report ane time play began a hard struggle commenced.

Svidler went inwards for the Sämisch variation of the Nimzo-Indian, something he had non tried inwards a mjor game before, too Aronian had null especial prepared. In some ways it was a really smoothen functioning yesteryear Svidler. Though he didn't claim to live amend out of the opening, the seat around motility 21 became critical. Aronian chose to avoid a queen exchange, advance on the kingside amongst g7-g5 too and thence on the queenside amongst b7-b5. It was in all probability the 3rd of these iii decisions which was his undoing, when Svidler advanced c5-c6 too and thence won a pawn on the contrary flank.

Aronian has the reputation for earthworks himself out of holes amongst creative ideas but Svidler's technique was every bit good adept for him hither too he wrapped the game upwards inwards some style.

Aronian has at ane time slipped to a total betoken behind Carlsen inwards the Pb too one-half a betoken behind Kramnik. His twelfth circular clash amongst Kramnik (in which he has White) at ane time becomes absolutely critical too he volition in all probability demand to win it inwards gild to stand upwards a adventure of winning the tournament.


Teimour Radjabov precision-placing his pieces every bit park too Kramnik is almost to perform his ain pre-game ritual of cleaning his glasses.

After his 7 direct draws inwards the firstly cycle, Vladimir Kramnik is at ane time forging ahead amongst 3½/4 inwards the instant wheel (which mightiness stimulate got been 4/4 but for some super-human defending from Magnus Carlsen). Radjabov (whom discussion has it was suffering from a cold) looked totally out of sorts, spending ages figuring out what was happening inwards the opening, too after complaining that he was struggling to perform calculations properly. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 human being amongst all these problems is unlikely to terminal long against Kramnik on a roll. The Russian has at ane time come upwards from mid-table mediocrity to cash inwards one's chips Magnus Carlsen's most realistic competition for firstly place. Tomorrow, however, volition live a large examination for him every bit he has Black against Aronian, who has yesteryear no agency abandoned his bespeak for firstly house too could halt the Russian steam-roller.

Radjabov's chief difficulty inwards this game was the fourth dimension he took over his opening, born of his electrical current pathetic shape too indecisiveness. The instant difficulty was the relentless subtlety amongst which Kramnik kept setting him problems to solve. None of them insurmountable inwards themselves, but the nagging serial of questions asked eventually took its toll, to a greater extent than than anything inwards the fourth dimension that he needed to purpose inwards working them out.

It was a familiar even out - simply every bit he seemed to live emerging from difficulties, Radjabov vicious into a deadly trap, based on the parlous seat of his manly someone monarch too a vulnerable dorsum rank. Kramnik struck hard too after that it was easy.


Ivanchuk too Gelfand at the press conference amongst Anastasiya Karlovich

Quickie depict for the elderberry statesman today. Not actually much to beak about. Ivanchuk confirmed that his trip dorsum phase had non done him whatever damage. He was inwards light-hearted mood, having pretty much given upwards on the tournament, which he was at ane time treating every bit practise for the Russian League coming up. Boris Gelfand was inwards to a greater extent than serious mood, giving us some helpful background on the line played, which was played inwards a Kramnik game terminal year. I asked the players what they persuasion almost the tie-break arrangements; he would stimulate got preferred a play-off to create upwards one's heed the complete (and thence would I - but the rules from the FIDE website are "If the overstep 2 or to a greater extent than players marking the same points, the necktie volition live decided yesteryear the next criteria, inwards gild of priority: a) The results of the games betwixt the players involved inwards the tie. If they are silent tied: b) The total disclose of wins inwards the tournament of every business office musician involved inwards the tie. If they are silent tied: c) Sonneborn - Berger System.")

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